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Pro Stick Plus Receiver Amazon Link Wrong?


The Pro Stick Plus is re-listed at Amazon USA. Unfortunately we had to create a new listing to work-around Amazon’s snafu. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/FlightAware-Stick-Receiver-Built-Filter/dp/B07J2RJQ9Z/
More inventory is on the way.

Amazon Canada has the same issue and we’re in the process of working-around the issue there also.

Thanks for your patience.


Thanks for the update. I did see a couple of days ago that the Pro Stick Plus was back in stock on Amazon USA and ordered one.

Good luck with getting Amazon to fix the new listing. Hopefully they can move all the reviews and answered questions from the old listing to the new listing.


Prostick in US 19.75 , in euros 17.06€
And in Amazon France EUR 36,08 + EUR 8,51 Livraison

There is not a problem, Why the price is so high ?


Helping question: Why is healthcare cost so high in US versus France?


Nothing to do with that it’s mainly finding a reseller / importer.

I assume in the US flightaware is selling the dongles themselves or has gotten amazon themselves to put the item in stock.


Yes. But if the reseller has to pay more taxes (including the VAT), he will have to either add more to the product price to pay for them or… cover them from his profits.

What would you choose?

PS: Amazon.com (US) listed price does not include any taxes, those are added at check-out, based on shipping address taxes (if any).
Plus, if Amazon doesn’t have a physical presence in a certain state, doesn’t have to charge taxes. It gets irrelevant lately, they opened warehouses in almost every state.


So the VAT is 20% of the 36 euro. That’s around 7 euro.
Now obviously that is only part of the markup.

Also do you even know if healthcare is paid out of the pot the VAT goes into?
Anyway my point: Just say VAT instead of ranting about healthcare.


The thing is that the healthcare is the main difference that drives VAT so high compared with the sales tax in US.
Plus there are other taxes besides VAT that a business has to pay (like tax on profit), and those are again driven by the same free stuff that socialist governments like France choose to dole to everyone.
There is no free lunch. Or healthcare.
I am living in Virginia and pay 5.3% tax at check-out. If I would live in NY City, I would pay 8.875%.
The Amazon price doesn’t show the price with tax (even in stores you don’t see that), this is different from EU where all prices include the tax.
So a price in France will be automatically 20% higher just because of VAT, not including other burdens to the reseller business. And possibly excise taxes on imports (don’t know much about that).


The amazon.fr offer is sold by modmypi.co.uk. If you by directly from their UK website, it costs 28€. Add delivery costs of 9 € and maybe a premium to recover amazon costs, you easily reach 44 € you pay via amazon.

The dongles had almost the same price when FA sold them directly via amazon Europe, like they do in the US. At one point they stopped because it was to difficult/expensive, so they sell via resellers, and these can choose whatever price they find appropriate.

I would not start to compare a simple China made PCB board with a complex and highly regulated service product like health care.


Last year in Amazon France 19€


They stopped selling via amazon directly at the beginning of 2017. Quite a price difference, even though you have to add delivery costs.

If you order directly via modmypi, you could at least save a little bit.


EUR 44.59. Hey, that can be a good smuggling business strategy. Buy them on Amazon.com and deliver them to expensive EU and somehow skirting the customs.

That’s joke of course. Or is it…? Modmypi knows.


I will purchase ProStick when China starts making it’s clone and sells for $10 +Free International Shipping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And here’s the healthy competition :stuck_out_tongue: China VS UK distributor.
Exclusivity rights? Who needs them?


Is there any indication that the Pro Stick Plus will be back in stock on Amazon.ca in the foreseeable future?


We’re working on it. Amazon has falsely flagged it as a “dangerous good” because they think it has a lithium battery in it.


That’s sad… Probably Amazon leaves this job to some interns, working for free, and that’s what you get.


We will be creating a new listing in Canada. I expect it will be available again in the next 2 weeks.


The Amazon Canada listing for the Pro Stick Plus is fixed.