Post Removed - Angry!


Chill out. It was probably removed in error. I’m sure the guys at FA will respond on Tuesday.

He knows why.

Calm down! This is a privately ran forum. If the owners of the forum (i.e. FlightAware) wanted to remove every other posting or a random posting a day, you and the rest of us have no right to complain. It’s not a freedom of speech.

Unlike most videos posted here, yours are actually interesting - not extraordinary but interesting.

I’ve noticed ads on many YouTube videos. If the ads are placed there by YouTube and you have no say in the placement and the posting was deleted by FlightAware due to those ads then I don’t think it should have been deleted. However, as I said at the start, the forum moderators can do whatever they want with their forum.

If the ads are placed on your videos because you granted permission for the ads then I think the posting should be deleted.

I removed it for being spam (unsolicited self promotion).


Call me confused… … 140#105140 :confused:


Just post 'em in the video thread above where you were encouraged by Deef to post videos … 980#104980

You may not please all here as you can see, but thus far I haven’t gotten in trouble yet for posting my aviation related videos on a regular basis in the members video thread.

For non aviation related videos, I have been posting them in the banter thread.

You should fight for a full refund of your FlightAware membership!

For clarification, earlier today (in a thread that was deleted), I questioned whether or not his postings should be considered spam being that he gets paid for the ads from you tube. I asked him how much he gets paid. He refused to answer and claimed it wasn’t spam. I stated my opinion that if he posted here to redirect viewers to his youtube channel and then received compensation, it was the definition of spam. He disagreed vehemently. I said I was only stating an opinion and that I was not the FA spam police, and that was all I would say. Apparently admin saw it as spam and deleted the thread. Here we are.

For the record I also complimented him on the quality of his videos, which I also enjoyed. JMHO

Ahhh, sheds a whole different light on this. Thanks Deef for this clarification.

This probably explained why he put in four point print obscure numbers at the end of his posts.

I must have missed that one

Edit: I see it now, but don’t know what that means.

Edit2: It’s the number of views BEFORE it was posted here.

NOoooooo, he wasn’t spamming. F*cking liar.

So if there’s an ad on a YouTube video it’s there because the uploader requested the ad be put there? That would explain why I see ads at the bottom of some YouTube videos but not all.

Didn’t know that. I figured the ads were how Google was trying to recoup its gazillion dollars buyout of YouTube.

No kidding, I didnt know you tube could be a revenue stream for an uploader. Interesting…


Like I said before, your videos are good, but at least part of your motivation for posting them here would be to earn money, right? Otherwise, why bother keeping track of the views. If that’s the case, it is spam. It may not be that effective, but posting here is like free ads for your videos. Whether or not we are aware of it, is irrelevant. You are using FA bandwidth to promote your videos and making a profit, however small, and that’s not right. That’s all I was saying.


Not always. If a video has a copyrighted song not made by the creator of the video, the video may contain ads per request of the copyright owner of the song. You will see a lot of this type of setup in vidoes that have WMG music embedded.

Deef already provided links for Youtube partners where you will see ads like in mcpcshowcaseHD. For those interested, to be able to tell if a person is a YouTube partner, they get the luxury of putting a banner at the top of their main channel screen as well as post longer then 10:59 minute videos.

mcpcshowcaseHD, I do not want to profit share my videos so you would be wrong in your assumption. I want my videos to be free without cost and free to those that wish to use them for their own needs (thus me not disabling the embed feature). I share with a good concience and no personal motives other then the personal motive to say I was there and done that and hope others can learn from my own mistakes that I do publish as well as my accomplisments which answers your first statement on why I post my videos. 8)

I can’t tell you how much I have learned from watching other videos within the same aviation topic (or focus). So, I hope to use my favorite movie title and “pay it forward”.

Personally, I rather get comments then inflated views as it’s the interactivity I thrive on getting input to make me a better pilot.

With regards to about 7 of my videos having ads. These videos have copyrighted songs so I don’t have a choice on those. I uploaded these before YouTube cracked down on copyright issues. Some videos I removed due to the audio being muted (Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin) and the remaining 7 or videos have ads (Warner Music Group).

I have now elected to use music that is under a different licensing agreement (common creations) that allows for publication for non profit usage and let YouTube decide what is legal for use on my prior videos so I don’t continue to infringe on copyright issues.

I will also like to add, at least two videos I created were a direct result of topics generated in these forums, (first link below was documentation on how to learn a manuever) to the whimsical request from Beechluvr (second link below). … 7709#87709 … 0830#90830

There are probably several other videos but I can’t remember the topics to search for them.

So the interactivity with regards to my videos are not only on You Tube. :wink: