Post disappeared, or something else ?

A couple of replies I made yesterday no longer appear in the forums. Was this a technical problem, or have I been censored :imp: ? If so, why ?

Government conspiracy against Canadians…Eh?


Did your post appear in the forum after you typed them, or did you not check to make sure? I know that one time I was able to respond w/out logging in, and I got this weird error screen. I thought I HAD logged in, so I just cussed at my computer, FA, my wife, the cat (like any red-blooded male would do), only to look up and see the “Log In” Prompt at the top of the screen. Then, I cussed some more, logged in, and all was fine. :unamused:
Did you type something controversial that COULD be censored?

It was what I considered a mild rebuke to another poster’s views (re: the A380 at LHR). I’m fairly certain it did make it to the board for a short while. Never mind, the moment’s passed.

But why, when I am logged in (as per the top line) do I have to login AGAIN in order to post or reply ?

We definitely didn’t delete any posts and you shouldn’t have to login if the top toolbar says you’re logged in. Also, you shouldn’t be able to type a post if you’re not already logged in.

OK, guess it was my computer doing a wobbly.