Please -- help with a search

I am a first-time user of this site. The plane I’m trying to find changed tail numbers earlier this fall. Information on the old tail number is available but the new tail number has a block on it. So I’m trying to figure out if I can get at the flight information on the new tail number in a different way.

This is a Global Express (according to flightaware there are only two Global Expresses currently in operation). The “type” listed under the old tail number is GLEX/Q. When I click on the GLEX/Q link, it takes me to another page listing all flights taken by that plane. The plane is marked with an “ident” of HBJEX. What is this “ident”? It’s not a tail number or it would start with N.

The GLEX listed under that “ident” does indeed list flights going back several months - the very information I was looking for. But I’m not sure this is information pertaining to the plane I had in mind. I have no way of knowing that for sure. But I might know more if I had answers to these questions: What does HBJEX mean? What does GLEX/Q vs GLEX/W mean? Both are listed under the same “ident.”

I would greatly appreciate any advice.

HB-JEX is a Swiss ‘tail-number’ (aka registration).

HBJEX ON FLIGHTAWARE - Currently on its way to Geneva, Switzerland.

If it’s blocked, you can’t get current flight information on an aircraft.

There’s more than 2 GLEX in service; the list you should are ones that are currently flying.

Tail numbers do not always begin with N. Only USA registered aircraft have a tail number beginning with N. Examples: Canadian aircraft begin with C, German aircraft with D. For a complete list of aircraft tail number prefixes, see ICAO Aircraft Registration Codes.

Thanks so much to all of you! Very helpful.

What is the old tail number that you are trying to locate the current status/tail no. of? Let me know and I’ll be able to tell you the current status of the aircraft in approx 2 seconds.