Planned feeder outage (FYI)

I’ll be taking my mast down and going offline probably at around 0800UTC on Wednesday due to a predicted category 1 typhoon. Hopefully I can put it back up and be feeding again this weekend depending on if there’s power and Internet access.

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Stay safe :blush:, I hope you will be able to get out of it without damage

Yeah, so do I. It looks like this will be a wet one with 50-75mm of rainfall both Thursday and Friday. Well, I made it through supertyphoon Yolanda OK, hopefully I’ll do 'er again. It’s going to be a busy couple of days tidying up the yard and walks, and stowing everything outside that’s loose that might plug the drainage system.

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The forecast’s now showing it as a category 2 typhoon with peak sustained wind at around 125KPH Thursday night at around 11PM and higher gusts. :frowning: 25-50mm of accumulated rainfall Thursday, somewhat less on Friday. I hope there’s no flooding and that electricity gets restored soon afterward (and that my roof and windows stay put.) We never have tap water when the power’s out, the water utility doesn’t seem to believe in having back-up generators at their pumping stations, plus they probably need to test the water quality before restoring service in case there’s contamination due to flooding. So it looks like I’ll have sponge baths for a while.

Anyway I already shut down the Pi, lowered my mast, secured the coax and guy wires with zip ties: one less thing to need to do and in case the storm arrives early I won’t be caught off guard.

Just great, it’s intensifying and will probably be category 3 or 4 when it makes landfall, possibly even a 5 (supertyphoon) and there are no large land masses between it and me, just a couple of islands, and the ocean’s quite warm thanks to La Nina which will cause the typhoon to increase in strength. It already has an eye which will pass 25 to 30 kilometers south of me. Not looking good. :fearful:

Just saw this retweeted in my local state’s weather Twitter feed. It’s trending so strong that it is expected to change the weather forecasts several thousand miles away.

Buckle up or go to a shelter/strong building if you have one available. Good luck!

Wish you the best! I would evacuate now, if you have the means.

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Ya, this shows the strongest winds, just north of the eye wall, passing right through Cebu City…

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No one’s been told to evacuate yet, plus I have the dogs and cats to take care of here and can’t really abandon them. At least I’m around 28 meters above sea level and several kilometers inland so the storm surge won’t be an issue here. That’s what did most of the damage with Supertyphoon Yolanda because there were coastal towns and cities where it first made landfall. The surge was something like 10 meters high. Anyway, I don’t think there are enough shelters to accommodate everyone in this, the second-largest metropolitan area in the country. It’ll be people in the shantytowns that would be evacuated, those in greatest danger. May my roof stay on and the jackfruit tree just along the street outside the front fence not fall. (It survived Yolanda with just a bit of swaying back and forth. It’s only around 30 years old too, and they live 100 or more years.)

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Weather Underground’s predicting peak sustained winds of around 85KPH. That’s, what, 55MPH? That’s not so bad. I’m actually more concerned about the rain and that the ground floor of my house might get flooded.

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Fair enough. But stay alert. This developed too fast and unexpectedly for proper evacuation. Loved visiting that part of the world. Beautiful. Inland should help. Find your best spot to hunker down and keep us posted!

Weather Underground is now bots owned by IBM to collect and sell data. Useless!

I suggest the US Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center which I think is in Guam. (Used to be when I lived in Asia through Typhoons)

Now: MAX SUSTAINED WINDS - 140 KT, GUSTS 170 KT (196 MPH, 315 KPH, 87.5 Meters p/sec)
Forecast 12 hours: MAX SUSTAINED WINDS - 125 KT, GUSTS 150 KT

Latest warning graphic for sustained winds from JTWC linked above.

The latest tracking forecasts show it making landfall in Cebu province somewhere around Sibonga or Argao which is more like 50KM to 70KM away. This is good in a way in that there are less-populated areas vs. the Cebu City metro area.

The only areas that would be evacuated are the ones that are prone to flooding or mudslides according to the City authorities. My house isn’t in one of those areas so I’ll stay put unless instructed otherwise.

I’m just topping off charges in batteries for flashlights and emergency lights, storing tap water in buckets and bottles, getting candles ready, etc. I have lots of rice, canned goods, instant noodles and other foodstuffs and my first aid kit’s ready if needed. I cook with bottled gas and just got a full tank a few days ago. I have some ebooks on my cell phone I haven’t read yet. I have my computer’s UPS that has a USB port on it so I can recharge my phone if necessary. Everything outside has been stowed securely and weighted down, the drain’s clean, sidewalks are swept, etc. Not much I can do now but wait and see what happens. I’m as prepared as I can be.


When it’s finished with you, I’ll get the southern edge.
I was planning to swap a couple antennas, but I think I’ll wait a few days!

@jaymot BBC news has reported a couple of dozens of deaths and a lot destruction. Fingers crossed for you all.

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May take a while for @jaymot to get power and Internet connectivity restored. Let us know when you’re back online! (Your FA stats page tells the story.)


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@jaymot, are you on your way to recovery yet? Got clean water, roof, power, Internet?

Your ADS-B site is still down, so best wishes! It can’t be good. The news photos of Cebu look as bad as it gets.

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We’re fine, so’s our house except for two panes of a jalousie window that got smashed by a tree limb. There’s a utility pole nearby that’s down so no power or Internet (or water except what I can fetch from a neighbor’s in buckets.) Visayan Electric Company’s still working on energizing areas that don’t have much damage, then they’ll start on the more damaged places like my neighborhood, replacing poles and cables. I don’t expect power until later this month.

I got a small Honda Elemax generator yesterday so I can use my computer and am using 4G via my cellphone for Internet access. It took almost two weeks before even cell service was back.

Typhoon Rai (Odette) was a cat 4 when it hit here. It was something else: I felt as much as heard the house vibrating in the gusts. It took down lots of trees including the jackfruit, which fortunately fell away from the house instead of on it. “It’s an ill wind that blows no good”: I should have a bit better range with the trees gone. :slight_smile:

(By the way, if the name DJ Shamus rings a bell for you, that would be me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)


Glad to hear you are safe :+1:

Hard times, but could be worse. Glad you made it through!

Lose some, win some! Glad that you’re ok.