Long streak about end!

25 wake-ups away from a 1000 day feeding streak only to be ended by a woman, Irma. Damn.

Here in the Tampa, Florida area we are expecting a CAT 3 storm. Losing power and internet is a given, probably for several days.
My only hope is setting up my cellphone as a hot spot and running the Pi on a UPS for a few minutes each day. Cellular data will be strained to the limits because it will be the only service around assuming that the towers stay on line. With that in mind I don’t hold much hope for establishing a connection to FA.

So, to all my fellow Floridians and Southeastern US feeders, good luck. See you on the other side.


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good luck to you! and maybe flightaware is so fair to anyway continue all broken streaks in huston or florida

p.s. if that aspect is really really serious for you - feel free to pm me your feeder-id and i set-up a feed for you over here in germany - at least your range would be outstanding then :slight_smile:

Do not worry for the streak.
There are more important things in life than that.
Be safe and good luck to you, your family and
all the people out there in the USA.
I hope everything is going to be fine
and will be keeping my fingers crossed.


I couldn’t agree more. Be safe and I keep my fingers crossed too!

FA has a community with 10k feeders and 12k sites? If FA staff would decide to bend the rules to allow for a longer outage in exceptional circumstances - especially for long time feeders - I would have huge respect for such a decision.

If they leave it up to the community I would support it instantly.


Thanks for the offer of feeding my site. After (nearly) a thousand days, I’ve found that my enthusiasm for this sport is waning. I was considering decommissioning the site once that goal was reached. I’ve accomplished all I think I can in my location. For most of the time I’ve been the top feeder in my area. I have had several reports from beyond 250nm and even watched one AC at 300nm on final approach. I lost him at 200 feet. That was some weird skip.

Today while taking down the antenna I seriously questioned as to whether I want to reinstall it. At seven decades plus, I shouldn’t be walking the roof. As they say, it ain’t the fall that’s bad, it’s the sudden stop.

I’ll revisit this after the lights come back on.

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it’s not warning at all - being enthusiastic is a sign of eternal youth :slight_smile:

i fully understand this 1000 days thing! what i do not understand is this roof climbing thing - like one of my neighbors. he is end of his 70s and a huge guy 6’ 6" tall and always was tinkering on his roof. but since over a year he has no more chance to do so because i told him to inform his wife about :innocent:

my offer to setup a temporary feed for you is no big deal. in my attic 2 setups with antenna are on hold from my former testings. it’s just plug in power and ssh to piaware-config and set the feeder-id. the best were if you would switch off mlat in your settings before - but no real need for. your stats wouldnd’t decrease as even my attic antennas see about 3000 aircrafts a day.

so - anyways - cross my fingers that you all do not have too big damage at your houses and stay safe. regarding your feed - just send me a pm and 5 minutes later your feed is up again …

tom (munich/bavaria/germany)

‘it ain’t the fall that’s bad, it’s the sudden stop.’ :blush: