Thanks FlightAware for letting us play

Unlike another well known Flight-something, you allow us to access the data from open software and you let us play with what is finally our data coming from our antennas, including, and that is great, M-Lat computed by your servers. This is nice and needs to be pointed-out.

As a radioamateur used to share, give, experiment, I like that : a good exchange of “services”.

Have a nice day, mine begins with a great pleasure : seing the very first planes of the day on my screen.



PS : forget the faults, English is not exactly my main language.

I will second that. :slight_smile:

:smiley: Third!

Thanks to everyone for their participation!

Indeed, the mlat feedback is excellent and the I like that the feeder is open source (not only to learn how things work, but to be able to run on almost any hardware).

As other sites show, people will hand over their ADSB data for much much less in return :mrgreen: so I appreciate the services FA gives back.

My comment = All the above comments added together

True, if it weren’t you guys I would have given it up long ago, cheers

I like the that FA management are just nice people and responsive, and they allow you to use the data - some of which they have computed any way you will.

I’m just happy to be doing my bit to help FA and hopefully help it grow to be a better tracking site than the one based in Stockholm.