Fun while it lasted

After 1290 days of steady service, my Pi is now dead after a severe lighting storm came through. I had felt comfortable knowing that I followed several topics on here and buying several of the stuff to prevent as much as possible withing grounding. Was not a direct strike. According to online maps was 1/8 mile away. But heard a loud Pop in the server closest and no longer working. (oddly cooling fan is on…)

To top it off it also took out my Server That was connected via RTLSDR to another antenna on same mount with same protection.

Due to a great amount of crap going wrong currently replacement for either will either be long waiting or never happening. Thanks for the project flightaware, and thanks guys for all the help through the years.

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Oh that is sad to lose a fellow enthusiast.

The SD image may be ok so would only require inserting into a different Pi - I use a Pi Zero for my setup. Lot cheaper compared to full sized Pi.