Flightaware was running perfect then just stopped

so i had the debacle with the antenna and the length of cable that many here helped me out with .
all was running perfect . then the other day i noticed an email stating the pi wasn’t sending any info to flightaware . so i went into my man cave and tried to connect via puTTY like i was doing and it couldn’t connect . so i went right to my ip address and it couldn’t connect . so i climbed the tower and rebooted the whole system ( haven’t hooked up my poe yet) .
after restart i seen all the lights come up on the pi and my 2 dongles (1090 and 978) climbed back down and tried puTTY again and nothing . so i grabbed a spare pi4 and went back up the tower . swapped the pi and climbed back down . still nothing . at that point it was dark and i wasn’t climbing again i put it on the back burner .
today i went out and pulled the pi down and hooked it up in the man cave . i get the rainbow splash screen then it shows the flightaware screen . then this popped up

i pulled the card and put it on the pc and everything shows up fine . should i reimage the card or did i somehow change something without knowing ?
sorry i know this is long . thanks in advance for any info .

I would reimage indeed but if possible on a different sd card. The bootsection seems to be damaged so I would suspect an eminent card failure around the corner

i started doing that right after i had written this just incase . 978 working perfect 1070 is not . Going to order a new sd card from amazon and keep my fingers crossed . such a pain . was a good 64gig sd card . the one on it is now a 8 gig i think . ive got the pi in the man cave now . going to go through the steps of making sure the dongles are serialized correct . if i cant get it working then ill just wait for the new card to come . it will give me time to figure out how to use this darn airband dongle my wife had gotten me for my birthday .

8 Gb should be sufficient as backup card.

If you need help after serializing then there are some post on how to do that correctly in the forum.

I have a lot of spare sd cards in a drawer, 64 Gb is around 10 euro’s here so I have 10 spare cards at hand when needed. When I have to use one then I get a new one next time I’m in the shop.
So if you are able then just get another one as backup just in case :wink:

Is your Airband dongle “Radarbox24 Airband Flightstick” ?

Yes . My wife got the dongle and antenna for my birthday and I’ve had it just sitting on a shelf . No clue how to use it lol .


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