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Planned feeder outage (FYI)

@jaymot Welcome back :grinning:, glad you and your family are safe.

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You sure were right. We got barely any rain, but lots of wind. There were points during the gusts where I felt and heard a low-frequency vibration of the house., not to mention the crashing sounds as trees were blown down and sheets of galvanized iron roofing were blown off of nearby houses. Lots of neighbors were up topside repairing their roofs the next day. It was pretty scary. Many power poles, if not knocked down, are leaning. Steel sign posts for such things as restaurants (Jollibee) were bent double so the signs are upside-down. So far only 68% of homes and businesses have had electricity restored, one month and three days on. As we have a utility pole that needs to be replaced we’ll be amongst the last as the utility’s concentrating on mere cable repairs first, what they call “sweeping.” Then there will be getting my fiber Internet connection repaired after that.