Plane Sub at Champaign, IL (CMI)

Anyone know why Northwest/ Delta subbed a crj-900 for the usual 200? I checked and it said it was a 900. Thanks.

I can’t say for sure w/ Mesaba, but at nearby SPI, and at several unrelated airlines, we had ‘upgraded’ flights for several reasons on occasion. There may have been a group booked. They may have had some reason to expect high booking levels, or what would be most probable, is that aircraft was available and there may have been a MX problem with the original aircraft, and they had a crew and an aircraft available.
I remember back in 2000 when Eagle was getting ready to pull out (they were a SAAB and ATR station), it seemed like 1 of their 4 daily flights were upgraded to an EMB , not for loads but there were crews and a/c avail.

I see, thanks. They upgraded one flight from the Saab to the crj about 6-8 months ago, so I was wondering if it was a one time thing.

I think this may be a charter or an extra section. I’ve noticed that many MES36xx flights have only one or two flights shown or, if there are many flights shown, they don’t fly between the same cities on a daily basis.

Might be right. Looks like it round tripped back to Detroit, so might have been an extra section due to a previously cancelled flight?

I’ve noticed the UofI likes to use Expressjet for it’s sports charters (but I can remember the day back in the early 90’s when it was ATA L10’s other heavy metal) .

We have had some strange, incredibly windy weather the last couple of days. I bet that is it. We also got a few Miami Air charters going to Punta Cana! The basketball team plays Western Michigan tomorrow, but that’s just a coincedence and the teams usually travel the day before the game. Thanks.

It was a substitution for the late-in/early-out DTW-CMI flight Mesaba operates.

I’m not sure if part of it was to make up for the previous cancellations (as people have stated-- it was VERY windy early in the week) or cover the SF34 cancellations but I can confirm that it was a one-time replacement of the regularly scheduled NWA/DL connection flight into Champaign.

Thanks so much.

Maybe we could turn this into The Plane Sub Thread.
I stumbled upon another possibility today. NWA7389.
Is this a Mesaba replacement/sub, or just some temporary help with the mainline route? I couldn’t find a MES 7389, and there was no prior history of NWA 7389…But they sure are milking those DC-9’s for every last dime they can get lol

Because you can only fit 5 suitcases in a 100/200 series…