KSBP flying CRJ-900 now?


Anyone know when the CRJ-900s starting flying in/out of KSBP?
I noticed this scheduled flight today, first I have seen of the CRJ-900s.

flightaware.com/live/flight/ASH2 … /KSBP/KPHX

Too bad I will not catch it on my lunch today.

There are still other CRJ-200s flying in/out of SBP.



Not yet. The inbound flight is a -200 (2748). Not to say they wouldn’t substitute a 900 if they had to though. I saw the same error once last week too.
I don’t remember the exact date but I believe the aircraft that overnights will become a -900 the same day as the last American Eagle flight. The midday flight changes to a 900 sometime in early November.


edit: I see they have changed the outbound flight to a 200.


We don’t get the actual aircraft type until a few hours before departure, so until then it’s a prediction (indicated by italics).


Got it: Beginning with the evening arrival on October 2. Then the midday flight in “early November”.


Ahh, thanks for the info…



Just read where a third flight will be added in December. Looks like a 200 in the late afternoon. The article didn’t say but probably not 7 days a week.