well that aint gonna work very good.

En Route/Scheduled to KSBP (More)
Ident Type From Depart Arrive
EJA990 C750 San Jose Int’l (KSJC) **08:18 **PST 05:21 PST
EJA362 C650 Santa Barbara Muni (KSBA) 07:16 PST 05:54 PST

This is one example of the ongoing time calculation threads.

Please link to the flights; I don’t see anything matching those times.

Those were copied in the middle of the night pacific time but are gone now.

If you see more oddities it’s a good idea to record the URL, otherwise it’s hard to work out what you were looking at after the fact. There is also the “report inaccurate information” link which will capture info about the flight (be descriptive about the problem when reporting it…)

I will look for that link next time.
As you know EJA files a whole bunch of flight plans late at night for the next day then seemingly waits to see what combinations look good bright and early the next morning. The rest of the flight plans, I assume, are cancelled so as to not plug up the system with flights that won’t happen. I thought it was funny that two such flight plans both had arrival times before departures were due. Both to the same place and both before dawn.