hey Mark, here's a time correction for you

SWA 7300 departed KSBP about an hour early today, 1109 instead of 1209.
PDT that is.

While I’m thinking of it, AMF 214. On weekday mornings it routes OAK-SBP and shows up as a pending arrival on the SBP airport page until it departs OAK then it disappears. After landing it reappears as an arrival. If you look at either the flight’s page or the OAK page or the big map it is there the whole time. It is even in blue if you select the big map from the SBP page. Just not shown as a pending arrival while enroute.

John in Saudi

That could be happening because AMF214, like most of Amerflight’s flights, are round-robbins.

Here’s the routing for AMF (Mon-Thu): OAK-SBP-SNS-OAK (it’s scheduled, according to AMF, for a 05:40 departure from OAK and 18:05 from SBS.

On Fridays the flight eliminates the SNS stop and departs SBP at 20:30

thought about that, but Sky West trips are mostly round robins too and they are normal.