This flight operates OAK>SBP early in the AM and then returns via SNS late afternoon. My question relates to the morning segment, since I’m in bed over here in paradise by the time it’s afternoon in California.
If you check the flight history it appears normal, an IFR flight with departure and arrival times.

If you click on the map from the KSBP airport page it is always there while enroute to SBP.
If you check the KSBP airport page it never shows up until after landing (or handoff to the tower).

Right now it is 0657 PDT, the flight is enroute on the map, but does not show up anywhere on the airport page.

Once in a while I’ve noticed other scheduled flights that depart but don’t show up as a departure on the map. They do show up in green, but without a departure point. They also do show up as departed on the airport page. Sometimes it takes as much as 15 minutes for the map to show the departure point and change it to blue. While monitoring the tower conversations I know the flights are in radar contact, but somehow the FA software is receiving the departure message but not tagging the aircraft properly. I see this perhaps once or twice a day with various flights.