Happy September, todays bug report

  1. I haven’t seen very many, if any, overflights the last couple of days. Yes I’m in close. Even at 0545 PDT I should see a lot of Hawaii>west coast arrivals in the area. (KSBP) Right now there are none. I pulled up the LAX page and plenty is happening but no overflights there either.

  2. Departures sometimes don’t show up on the airport map for as much as 10 minutes after takeoff but they are on that particular flight’s page right away.

John in Saudi

An update with examples.

Still no overflights.
The first departure from KSBP this morning showed up on both the flight’s page and the airport page at the same time. SKW 6318.
The next three, shown below, all showed up on their individual page right on time. However on the airport page they appeared in the departed column properly but it took another 4 or 5 refresh cycles before they appeared on the airport map, if they appear at all. ASH 2702 is climbing out of FL214 on their page but does not show on the airport map yet.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N225 … /KSBP/KSNA

flightaware.com/live/flight/ASH2 … /KSBP/KPHX

flightaware.com/live/flight/SKW6 … /KSBP/KSFO

OK, ASH 2702 finally showed up on the airport page, 34 minutes after takeoff!

Fascinating stuff… so is that the proper way to save screen shots without them resetting themselves? Type in the date and the word “history” in the link?

Thanks for demonstrating. That may come in handy later on for my purposes.

You can get that link by first clicking on a particular airplane on the airport page then clicking on a particular flight on that airplane/flight page. Then just copy and paste.


How’s it looking today? The FAA continues to make nearly nightly changes and we’ve heard positive things about other issues.


Lifeguard flights seem to be showing up again

Hi Mark
Things are looking much better. There is still an occasional flight that doesn’t show up on the map for 5-10 minutes after the departure is listed but all the flight plans that I know of are back again.


P.S. no overflights though.

I noticed a couple, I’m not convinced they’re all back. Please let me know when you see one that should be marked Lifeguard and is not.

Are you zoomed in all the way? It will hide them if there would be too many objects on screen (web browser and server performance issues).

yup, zoom in, zoom out, it makes no difference. I should be able to zoom into KSBP then scroll the map towards Los Angeles and be able to see something even at midnight, but nothing. I’ve tried several other airports too, nothing.

I think you have to pick the right enroute facility to see those flights being worked by it.

For example DAL18 has just flown over both YYJ and YVR. It doesn’t show on the YYJ map, but does on YVR and I’m guessing that’s because it never contacted YYJ (closed at this hour anyway).

That make any sense ?

It would only show as blue if arriving or departing that airport. Green (I think) is used for aircraft in the vicinity but not arriving or departing that airport.

Yes, it was green on the YVR display, totally absent on YYJ (about 50 air miles apart).

This is new, but I don’t know when it started happening. YYJ lies under 3 well-travelled air lanes, but YYJ controls only to FL180. Used to be everything in the vicinity was on the map and I know for sure that few if any were under YYJ control. Now they are all gone :frowning: .