Weird bug


Just checking a couple of local airports to me and noticed that every airport on the Central California coast shows EVERY scheduled and actual arrival/departure time in either EDT or CDT regardless of where the other airport is actually at. Click on a particular aircraft and it’s page is normal. Followed several links to other airports out of the area and they were normal.
KSBA, KSBP, KSMX, KIZA, KLPC, also tried KVBG but no activity is shown.
If you convert EDT to PDT the times are about right.

follow up: Some of the above airports show PDT some of the time. Also if you go to, say, LAX or SFO and look for a flight to/from any of the above the times on that page they are normal.

Please change L52 to pacific time, thanks.



Can you post a screenshot? I can’t reproduce that on any of the web servers.


I checked a couple of the airports and they are all coming up PDT. Have you checked your time zone settings in “My FlightAware?”


I did check my profile, PDT. But that wouldn’t explain why all but one of the airports showed every time as EDT, the other as CDT regardless of where the flight was headed. Several flights were going to/from Denver or Salt Lake.
Unfortunately I didn’t capture a screenshot and they all appear to be back to normal now anyway! I guess I fixed it.


I noticed this error as well, but when I went back to grab a screenshot, it had gone back to the normal way. My profile is set to MST (no DST). I first noticed this last night.


You’re right, it’s back. I notice this time the time the time up by my username is also EDT for some reason. Other than the wrong time zone and ALL entries showing EDT instead of the correct TZ the data is correct. Not only flights in the PDT zone but there are a couple of flights from the MDT zone showing EDT.
KSBP is the airport I’m looking at.


I can’t seem to capture it for some reason. The page updated and is now CDT!

OK, saved it into paint, now what? Doesn’t seem to want to paste here.


Save the paint object as a JPEG (or bmp) and upload that image to a photo sharing site like Photobucket, then post it here.


In fact that’s what I’m doing now, taking forever though. Thanks.


Turns out you’re not crazy, the photo system was changing the timezones. Should be fixed now.


Thanks Mark, it’s on the way. Just took forever to resize. Now Photobucket keeps timing out!