Time shown doesn't reflect DST


I just checked the report for two flights I made on Saturday (10 Sep). The departure and arrival times shown for both of them indicate the local time as an hour earlier than the actual times. It’s as if the ‘clock’ is set to standard time instead of daylight savings time. :confused:


Do you have your time zone set properly in your profile? Right now, we have all flights displaying in your local time zone because the pre-release development concensus was that regardless of the time zone that the plane is in, a user would prefer to have everything converted and displayed in their local time zone.

Personally, I like it. That said, since it’s such an atypical approach, we’re getting feedback to the contrary and have a ticket open to offer “local timezones” as an option.


That must have been the culprit! Looks okay now. :smiley:


I just noticed the problem again but it only seems to turn up when I’m not logged in. Once I login, the times are correct.


If you’re not logged in, the timezone defaults to Central US. The current time and timezone is displayed in the upper left corner.


The date and time on this discussion server is incorrect. It says 2005-09-08 06:59PM CDT in the upper left of the page. The correct date/time shows on the other pages as 2005-09-13 05:49PM EDT.

Nice service. I look forward to seeing how this develops.



Oops – two problems here.

One: The forum software is written in another programming language than the rest of the site, so it currently doesn’t dynamically generate the header upon each page load specifically for each user; it’s a manual, static copy. That’ll be eventually fixed, but what happened is the most recent manual update to the forum header didn’t get the time/date removed.

Two: The forum software is not as intelligent about time zones as FlightAware is. FA lets you select your time zone and it figures out the rest. With the forum software, it wants you to select your offset from GMT, which is totally lame in general from a user interface standpoint, but it gets worse – when daylight savings time is over, your GMT offset shifts one hour and I guess the forum expects you to manually update it like your wrist watch.

Anyway, I’ve corrected the old date problem on the forums. We’ll address the header problem soon so that it’ll be dynamically generated and in the long term, the time zone from your FA profile will be more tightly integrated with your forum profile.