Pi aware and change to DST

This past sunday morning at 2 AM here in the U.S. most places switched over from standard time to daylight savings (i.e., summer) time.

The clocked moved ahead from 2 am → 3 am, skipping the entire 2 am hour, my setup included.

However, on the hourly flight aware stats (the grid with the blue boxes of varying colors based on how many flights/positions you got for that hour) shows flights/positions that entire night. 1am, 2 am, 3 am, etc. etc. And it also shows the correct time now (i.e., it isn’t an hour off).

this is a bug I assume, but how does it have data for an hour that didn’t exist yet is still recording hourly data correctly on that graph?

or am I over thinking this.

We work with UTC almost everywhere, including when we record stats data, and any conversion to local time happens on the output side when the stats page is generated. I assume the stats page is not getting this conversion to local time quite right for the discontinuous-local-time case. If you set your timezone on the website to UTC it should be a bit more obvious where the data’s coming from.


Got it. I’ll check. My system time itself is correct. I’ll look into the flightaware settings

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