Flight Alerts Time Zone

I LOVE the fact that you’ve got the Flight Alerts feature working! That was the one thing that was keeping me tied to FBOweb and now I can exclusively use FlightAware - THANKS!

Here’s the feature request: It would be very helpful if the times shown on the flight alerts were in say Eastern Standard Time as well as ZULU. For instance, say, NXXX is going to depart at 18:00Z (1:00PM EST). Right now it just shows “18:00” which to others that I’m sending the flight alert to, they don’t know that’s Zulu time (and don’t even know what Zulu time is!). To them, it looks like I’m departing at 6:00PM instead of 1:00PM.

ZULU or GMT is the time zone that air traffic control uses. It is based on the 0 degree line of longitude. You could say it’s where time begins.

My suggestion is to actually click on the link that comes with the alert and see what the local time of departure is. That assumes that you have set up your “My FlightAware” to display your time zone.

Flight Alerts is still in beta, and before it leaves beta it should localize the time to the setting in your profile.

Thanks for the replies. Yes - I’m definitely aware of the meaning of Zulu time (I’m a pilot). I was meaning more for people who view the alert who aren’t familiar with Zulu time.

To the FlightAware staff - Thanks for the update. I certainly understand this is a Beta product and more enhancements are to come. Just wanted to add this to the list in case it wasn’t previously mentioned. Absolutely wonderful product you’ve created and we all appreciate all of your hard work on your site!

Thanks again!