more time zones


It would be great to simply be able to set one’s time zone based their zulu time offset. The current options are quite limiting. Also the “display flights in flight’s time zone” doesn’t work for me (at PGUM for example).


PGUM should be fixed in a few hours, I’ll see about adding more options to the profile.


It was working, but now seems to have reverted back to GMT/UTC. Another thing, even after the fix, other airports in the same area were only displaying in GMT/UTC (e.g. PGSN, PGUA, etc.). I have know idea how your site works, but it seems as though unless the airport’s own time zone is one of the options available in my profile the system doesn’t know what time to display so it reverts to GMT/UTC. While we’re on the subject of GMT/UTC, when looking at PGUM ( arrival and departure times are listed as GMT, UTC and UCT? Seemingly with out any consistency.