Time zones for June airport code update


I’ve noticed that many of the airport codes updated in June still show times as GMT instead of the local times. Just curious if this was a known issue.



You can actually change that in your profile.

From here, click on “My FlightAware” (top right hand corner), then in the next screen, click on “My Profile” in the same area. You should see it about 2/3 the way down.


Nice try Pika,

However, all the other airports locally show things correct. Seems to be just the ones that were updated 6 weeks ago or so… i.e. KUXL, KCVH, KRWV


Eh. Can’t blame me for trying to help…


True…Very true.

I wish it would have been something easy like a profile setting…



Unfortunately the timezones are not included in the airport list published by the FAA. Until we can find a more complete list of timezones for airports, the airports you mentioned will stay GMT.


Ah. Thanks MDuell. Hopefully that list will appear one of these days…


databases for airport time zones and scheules are maintained by ATA domestically, and IATA internationally. that information is shared. the international list is maintained in Geneva … The address is GVATOBD.

GMT would be a welcome option on the timezone option selection dropdown.


OK, since I struck out the first time, I will ask. Are you talking about in your profile as what timezone you want the arriving/departing flights displayed? If so, it is an option (GMT/Zulu). If not, once again, can’t blame me for trying…


Thanks, once i realized it was a 2 step process it works fine.