Pacific time instead of UTC?

I just noticed that the detail page has times in “Pacific time”.

You are KIDDING?

Ever heard of UTC?

Just to exemplify the confusion, how do you handle going from PDT to PST and vice versa?

Are you talking about the website or the (now pulled) iPhone app?

Website: e.g. … A/tracklog

As noted on the page, the tracklog times are always in your time zone preference (both fields from Time Zone in your Profile) to prevent confusion about time zone crossing. If you want to see UTC set them to “GMT/UTC/Zulu” and “Display Flights In My Time Zone”.

Daylight savings time is handled appropriately for the time of year when the flight began.

This may be a good time to bring up a point for both newbies and oldbies: It’s always beneficial to do several things on this site and other sites:

  • Read the FAQs (or Questions/Answers in the case of FlightAware)
  • Click all links to see what they do
  • Read (or at least browse) any forums on the site

It should be obvious why it’s good for the newbies but the oldbies, too? Yes - because sometimes we forget or just haven’t discovered yet features that may be useful to us.

and don’t forget… be humble OR be humbled…


Funny, mine shows times in Central time, which, funny thing, is how I have my profile set… :unamused:

I have great humbleness and therefore my humbleness won’t allow me to state how humble I am. :slight_smile:

flyboy was referring to the OP wasn’t he?.. :confused: