CRJ questions

I was at KSUS yesterday and saw two CRJ with Comair/Delta striping minus the Delta name on them, parked at a local FBO. It looks like they might have been sold. Anyone know how hard it is to convert the CRJ from a passenger jet to a bussiness jet, the cost? Why did Comair sell them? They came from Tuscon last week. Thanks




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Comair is going to CRJ700s and CRJ900s

Restructuring Comair , as they cut 450 jobs, 44 jets, and $90 Million in annual expenses. Comair also took delivery of its first of fourteen CRJ 900’s.
Comair CRJ 900 update Photo N678CA Comair CRJ 900

Does anyone know the current status on N978CA.

I recently visited Goderich Ontario and tucked in the corner with no registration on it was a CRJ with what I thought was 7158 on tail.

Also check recent movements of it and it was shown as having flown from SUS to YXU on the 28th March.

Can anyone confirm the above.


There is a company at Peterborough Airport, Ontario, called Flying Colours who have signed up 10 customers for converting CRJ’s to Corporate Jets.

The asking price, though I guess it varies with the cost of obtaining the CRJ, is 17 million Canadian per aircraft, complete with VIP interior for 15 passengers, and paint.

Flying Colours website.
YYZ News contains local Toronto Area aircraft movements.

I know that it has been a while since this thread has been active, but I thought that I would share this with you. JetCorp is doing the work, and they have had many CRJ’s in and out of their hangar. Most of them have a VP-*** registration. Here is the link if anyone is interested…

JetCorp CRJ Conversions

I know that over 100 CRJs are being cut from the Delta Connection fleet, the majority of them are just being returned to the lessor.

N988CA is operating United Express flights in SkyWest’s (minimal) livery.

Wow! That’s a brilliant idea. Even if I had the money to get a GLEX, I’d get this and save like 25 million…

Until you realize that you got what you paid for performance wise vs. the GLEX.

Indeed the conversion does need to include additional tanks to extend the basic range of the CRJ (1500-2300 NM) to at least a New York - Paris range (3,160 NM), like these guys do:

Even with ER tanks, a CRJ-100/200 doesn’t even come close to GLEX performance. It doesn’t have the wing or power for comparable runway requirement, climb capability, speed, or efficiency…let alone range. These CRJ conversions are good for the operator who wants room on a budget and doesn’t require the performance of a GLEX…or even a CRJ- 700 for that matter. Now the 700/900 are performers sans GLEX range and high altitude capability, but then the price point and availability game changes.