Training Flight

Is this a training flight???


Is this a training post? :confused:

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Do multiple question marks denote extreme confusion?

How about delivery flights. Thinking the CRJ’s are coming from the Bombardier shop at P.E.T. CYUL.

But theres also ERJ’s in the history.

This thread is just a funny as JHEM’s USAir post about the Cactus CRJs in CLT. :laughing: :laughing: (Two laughing Emoticons denotes extreme laughter.)

It wouldn’t be delivery, since most of the flights depart and arrive at the same airport. My guess is maintenance or training flights.

Just a guess, lets say that the CJR’s are deliveried or serviced for Chautauqua Airlines at CYUL, and that Port Columbus is the point of origin for the ERJ deliveries.

I will continue the research. This is the first I’ve heard of Chautauqua Airlines.

Ok, based on all the info I’ve looked through, it seems Port Columbus is the hub for parent company Republic Airlines. Since it also seems that the entire fleet consists of Embraer Regional jets, the 9000 flights out of Port Columbus are service / training flights.

As for the CRJ’s out of CYUL. My best guess is that Repblic is looking at alternate equipment to replace Embraer’s, but seeing the close conection Rebuplic and Embraer have, perhaps Republic has a need for a small number of CRJ’s to service a small market more easily supported by the Canadian made CRJ. Maybe a contract they are looking at that would be politically facilitated by the purchase of the Canadian plane over the Brazilian.

That’s my two cents. :slight_smile:

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