America West CRJ-900 in CLT


Why did America West send their CRJ-900s to CLT?


So they could have an aircraft to put passengers and mail in.


OK Dave, repeat after me!

EVERY insipid and thoughtless question doesn’t necessarily warrant a response!”


I thought it was the beginning of a joke? Where is the punchline?


It’s in the box immediately to the left of the text in the initial post!


Ah I get it. :wink:


You guys are mean! :smiley:


You have to admit that the last like three topics he started were nonsensical or easily found on google.


Well… yeah…

Think maybe “RLudens2009” changed his handle? :laughing:


I won`t post anything ever again!!!


We’re not after you for posting. We are, in our strange way, saying you should try researching your questions before posting.