KJFK, Whats up with all the CRJ's?


Ive been listening to the Live ATC at KJFK the tower and ground. And They are talking about CRJ’s. I was also looking at the Live ATC map at the same time at Passur and I counted at least 6 CRJ’s in a 20 mile radius. So anyways, is there some sort of event going on or what?


ATC Map: www4.passur.com/jfk.html

Live ATC: liveatc.net/flisten.php?mount=kjfk_gnd_twr


Nothing. It’s a busy airport, and six in a 20 mile radius isn’t very many.


You should have seen Dulles, back when Independence Air was still in existence! You might get 15 or 18 CRJ’s landing in a row.


Bombardier fly-in?


It 's just the nature of the biz…ORD is the same way, it’s Embraers and CRJs all over the place. There just isn’t as much mainline flying anymore. Especially out east on the short hauls.


Same thing with IAH. . . ERJ-145 after ERJ-145.


There’s also less people flying short haul so it doesn’t make any sense to have a so-called “mainline” aircraft with 150+ seats flying a route when there’s only 50-100 pax.