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Plane flying over not reported


There is a plane flying over that is not showing in the table on the stats page Flights with Positions From This Feeder on FlightAware.com Within the Last Hour .

The table headings appear but the table is empty.

Is there any way to get it to appear?




It can either due to very high gain setting of dongle, or due to radiation pattern of antenna. Reduce gain setting in steps of 5 (i.e. 45, 40, 35, 30, 25,20 etc) and see if it helps

The Flightaware antenna, the Coco, the Cantenna, and the Spider are ALL Omni-directional. The omni directional antenna’s radiation patter is like shape of a donut and therefore has a very low or no pickup for signals from planes very close or overhead.

Please see 3-D Radiation Pattern below. The antenna is along Z-axis



Looks like a doughnut :slight_smile:



Thanks for the quick reply but the problem is not detecting the plane but that it is not being reported in the table on the Stats page called Flights with Positions From This Feeder on FlightAware.com Within the Last Hour just below the 30 Day Ranking and just above the Nearby Sites table.



maybe does not meet this criterion. I was checking MAU57 few minutes ago
the position is by MLAT and never made it to my list.
could it be a similar case ?


Unfortunately not.

It is being recorded by ADS-B and definitely not MLAT.



edit: The plane is an Airbus A330-200 and the flight is SriLankan Airlines 604 ALK604



that plane shows (FA live map) somewhere NW of Perth over Indian Ocean !!!
are you sure about the flt nbr ?
ED passed Cocos Is. but that receiver to be appears off-line…


It is the correct Flight Number.

You are correct that it is NW of Perth and it was in the middle of the Indian Ocean…

It did indeed pass over Cocos (Keeling) Islands and it was detected. If you zoom in on the planes trail over Cocos you will see that it does indeed turn green indicating that it was detected.

The Stats page for that station about 2 1/2 hours ago shows the plane was recorded with 31 positions.

The table of Planes reported to Flightaware in the last hour appeared but there was only the headings and no plane entry.

I looked, whilst the plane was still in range with two different browsers on three different PCs with the same results.

My original question was why it is not listed in the Reported Planes table.

The station is only detecting 10 or 11 planes per day and none of them show up in that table.




This is the station you are talking about?

31 positions from 1 plane is quite few. (edit: sry no it’s not that few, i have about 100 positions per plane passing my station)

Still strange that it would be empty.

Why is it only 31 positions from that plane and not more? Is it flying through the outer reaches of its range?

Edit: Also note that only planes detected less than one hour ago are listed in that table.
Edit2: My guess is you would need to improve reception to receive more positions from each aircraft so that it shows up in Flightaware at all.


So this flight https://flightaware.com/live/flight/VOZ1917/history/20180818/0505Z/YPCC/YPXM

Should show up.

The stats say it has seen 1 or even 5 aircraft occasionally. I’ll check your page a few times maybe i can spot one appearing on that table.

I guess improving reception is not that easy in the particular location? :slight_smile:


That site showed a lot more aircraft at the beginning, now it just dwindled. Something happened (also I see a lot of not connected?)



It is what it is.

It is a station I cobbled together from spare bits lying around and it was put up last Saturday morning. Unfortunately, their estimate of antenna cable length was a little short and the antenna is not yet in the best location.

There is no filter or amplifier and the RTL receiver is just a generic dongle.

Still, it sees up to 10 planes a day which is pretty impressive considering where it is and spread of tracks aircraft take across the Indian Ocean depending on prevailing weather conditions. I’ve been looking at the waypoint lists and if it doesn’t use the Island as a waypoint it passes about 600 miles away and out of range.

The intention was to prove it worthwhile and then apply for a Flightfeeder but unfortunately he will be leaving the Island at the end of the year.

I have been looking whilst the plane is overhead and still feeding positions.

It shows up in the Live map (the trail goes green).
It also shows up in the Aircraft Reported Table, The Hourly Collection Table, The Coverage Graph, The Hourly Received Reports, The Positions Reported and the Aircraft Reported Table.

It shows up in all the appropriate places except the Table labelled Flights with Positions From This Feeder on FlightAware.com Within the Last Hour

At the times it should be showing the Table headings appear and stay until about an hour later when the Heading and therefore the complete table disappears.

Two planes a week and maybe the mail gets on, maybe not.

I am pretty sure the system is just not displaying the data when only one plane is in that list. Maybe the first plane in the list is always missing.

It is a convenient table because it shows me what plane is passing over otherwise I have to find that tiny atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean to see what is happening.

Still really pleased that we are getting any planes at all.



The planes two weeks ago was the system running in Melbourne seeing 300 planes a day before it was packed up and sent off. I should have created a fresh identity. Sorry for the confusion.

The 10 planes a day is about average for planes that use the Island as a Waypoint in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the two planes a week that stop there for an hour.

Are you referring to the Nothing Received cross hatched blocks? That is because there are no planes in range.



In the track log of the planes coming by what does it show?

edit: you can put CCK in the search box and then go into setting on the right top of the map and check “Nearby Flights” that way you don’t have to search on the “live” map.


That’s an awesome location!
Might be boring on long term… but definitively interesting.


Here is one I prepared earlier https://flightaware.com/live/flight/ETD487/history/20180818/0942Z/YPPH/OMAA/tracklog

Sat 21:25:34 -24.4999 107.7232 318° Northwest Level FlightAware Approximate
Sat 21:26:34 -24.4498 107.6736 318° Northwest Level FlightAware Approximate
Sat 21:28:03 -24.3755 107.6008 318° Northwest Level FlightAware Approximate

Gap in available data

Sat 23:18:26 -13.0178 97.5073 321° Northwest 453 38,000 Level FlightAware ADS-B (CCK / YPCC) / SweetPea11
Sat 23:18:57 -12.9689 97.4672 321° Northwest 454 38,000 Level FlightAware ADS-B (CCK / YPCC) / SweetPea11 2b67af3
Sat 23:19:57 -12.8708 97.3870 321° Northwest 454 38,000 Level FlightAware ADS-B (CCK / YPCC) / SweetPea11 2b67af3
Sat 23:20:27 -12.8202 97.3457 321° Northwest 454 38,000 Level FlightAware ADS-B (CCK / YPCC) / SweetPea11 2b67af3
Sat 23:20:57 -12.7708 97.3053 321° Northwest 454 38,000 Level FlightAware ADS-B (CCK / YPCC) / SweetPea11 2b67af3
Sat 23:21:27 -12.7206 97.2644 321° Northwest 455 38,000 Level FlightAware ADS-B (CCK / YPCC) / SweetPea11 2b67af3
Sat 23:21:57 -12.6713 97.2241 321° Northwest 456 38,000 Level FlightAware ADS-B (CCK / YPCC) / SweetPea11 2b67af3

That only shows the planes flying to or from the Island. That would be just two a week.


If you enable Nearby Flights as i said it shows all planes not only with destination CCK.

Try it on another airport.



Did you check within the hour mentioned? For me it does not even show that category for that feeder site. Strange indeed.

Edit: Today it’s not routed via M461 so it won’t be in range probably.


You are absolutely correct, another flight tracking straight overhead.

The list appeared, but it’s empty. This definitely looks like it somehow does not display the last/first plane in that list.

And because mostly there is only one plane on that list for your site it doesn’t work.

@obj I know you have your work cut out with the image at the moment but i don’t know where to file bug reports for the website i’m marking you and hope that you see it :slight_smile:

Seems like a bug to me and not much you can do @SweetPea11.


I have come to the same conclusion. It must be one of the few receiving stations in the world that sees less than one plane an hour.

Thanks for reporting it and Thanks to everyone who offered advice.

Fortunately, the world will not end and I am sure it will be attended to at the appropriate time.



Today I happened to look and there were four planes that had been received flying over Cocos within the previous 40 minutes.


I checked the Flight Track Log for each of the four planes and they all had the appropriate entries within the last 40 minutes.

Four planes within the last 40 minutes and none in the table.

It is not always so as QTR900 is flying over right now and is listed correctly but QTR 920 which is right behind and also in range is not listed.