Not being used for positions today

Today I’m not being taken for any positions. I’m only being shown as ‘additional’ on everything.

For tracking 500 planes a day and normally flooding tracklogs that is odd. Bug? Broken sadness? 2.1 wierdness?

I did add “–forward-mlat” to dump1090 yesterday, that’s the only thing I changed. Maybe something broken there?

I upgraded to 2.1.1 (and now 2.1.2 is out, of course) and mutability 1.15dev early this morning and everything was fine until around two hours ago. Seeing the same thing on my end now… Data feed time is currently sitting at 23 minutes and a lot of ADS-B aircraft in my area are showing intermittent ADS-B position data and delayed FAA data from the various ARTCC facilities in their track logs.

I’m going to assume that the folks in Houston are working on something and all will be well at some point later today.

Pi at home is still chugging away, though. I keep View1090-Mutability running in a screen session so I can SSH in and check on things whenever I like:


I’ve been running the stock 2-1.1 for a couple days now, unless I just didn’t notice the problem I’m not sure if it’s 2-1 related.

Wait and see I guess. For all we know it might just be broken stats.

Looking around at other people and talking to another feeder it appears that it might be a site problem, no one is showing up as flights with positions.

I have the same issue I posted it yesterday

Fixed, you’re looking better now

Heh, yep, now I’m 100% with positions instead of 100% additional. Just a back end issue then?

Yep, on our side but only affecting piaware and not the other feeding methods.

mine is working now too…thanks

Are there still other issues? I have been like this for weeks. The only actual positions that I give are local planes that probably aren’t seen by anything else. I just hadn’t written a post about it yet.

Deleted my post