piware and planeplotter setup problem

I was using planeplotter for a long time to feed.

Today i got the rasperry pi 3 and set it up to feed.

It says “Great news! Your account is associated with the following PiAware receivers” PiAware (SD Card) 2.1 added Thursday, May 12, 2016 (with ip address)

Long story short: I setup the piaware, and** it shows it is up and running properly (dump1090, port 30005, piaware, faup1090, etc…) **
I deleted the planeplotter feed. I claimed my feed. And have waited over 3 hours now, and it doesn’t show up on my stats or even me having a feed anymore???

It says I claimed the feed right, setup correctly, etc…

**So why is it not recognizing it on Flightaware? **

Did I miss something?

Please help

Looks like a PiAware feed is associated with your account now.
Might take a bit for things to start displaying on your stats page.

After setting it up I waited awhile (hours) and nothing. So I figured i would reboot it, and as soon as I reboot it worked!

So heads up to** anyone setting up their piaware, after the setup and claim, you might want to reboot your raspberry pi! **

Working great now, thank god!