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Hello all

I’m new to this and don’t have any background. A few things:

I initially set up my Pi two weeks ago through enabling the PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 3.5.3. This was a mistake I think as I didn’t have Dump 1090 installed so it didn’t seem to work. I have since burnt a new SD card and got it up and running and I ‘seem’ to be tracking aircraft.

After doing the above last night I read this morning on this forum that I needed to add some script to the config file to identify the new SD card (or some such thing). So I cut and paste the script into the config file and rebooted the Pi. I now have four feeders coming up in my stats page!

Under 30 day ranking:
One feed (15840) shows “Live” and “New” which I presume is the feed that I configured by adding the script to recognise the new SD card.
Just below the above is feed is 15841 which I am guessing is the feed prior to me configuring the SD card to be recognised.

Under Nearby sites:
One feed is marked 'viewing and was last seen 14 days ago. I am guessing this is my first attempt to set up Pi Aware and which I no longer wish to use.
A little further down the list is another feed which shows I joined yesterday and was last seen 7 minutes ago.

All of the above is a little confusing. How do I clean it up so it shows only my current feed?

The Live Feed
I presume this showing what aircraft I am tracking. I know this sounds obvious but I’m just checking. Also, after working nicely and showing overhead aircraft the page has suddenly gone to Error 404 - Not found. Have I broken the internet or does it go down occasionally?

Any assistance welcome. Thank you.



You can get the status from the command line with the following command


If you have piaware running you can usually get the status webpage by going to


You can get to the local map by going to


If you deleted PiAware and reinstalled it you need to reclaim the site to add it to your account.

PiAware - Claim and Link a Brand New PiAware Ground Station - FlightAware

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