New at this


Hello all

I’m new to this and don’t have any background. A few things:

I initially set up my Pi two weeks ago through enabling the PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 3.5.3. This was a mistake I think as I didn’t have Dump 1090 installed so it didn’t seem to work. I have since burnt a new SD card and got it up and running and I ‘seem’ to be tracking aircraft.

After doing the above last night I read this morning on this forum that I needed to add some script to the config file to identify the new SD card (or some such thing). So I cut and paste the script into the config file and rebooted the Pi. I now have four feeders coming up in my stats page!

Under 30 day ranking:
One feed (15840) shows “Live” and “New” which I presume is the feed that I configured by adding the script to recognise the new SD card.
Just below the above is feed is 15841 which I am guessing is the feed prior to me configuring the SD card to be recognised.

Under Nearby sites:
One feed is marked 'viewing and was last seen 14 days ago. I am guessing this is my first attempt to set up Pi Aware and which I no longer wish to use.
A little further down the list is another feed which shows I joined yesterday and was last seen 7 minutes ago.

All of the above is a little confusing. How do I clean it up so it shows only my current feed?

Also, I am showing no statistics, no positions reported anything

Any assistance welcome. Thank you.




Please see this thread which I have created few minutes ago.

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