Feeding as new site after pi reboot.

I did a reboot of my pi but I’m now feeding as a different site.

I was feeding as site 35743 but the data is now uploading as site 60414.

Is there anything I can do to correct this back so that the data is uploading as 35743?


Did you upgrade system packages on a install that was originally a piaware <= 3.3 sdcard image? See ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/do-not-apt-get-upgrade-on-piaware-sdcard-3-3-0-images-t39151.html

I upgraded to 3.5 as soon as it came out and I will have done several reboots since without this issue, but it looks like that’s the issue looking at the link.
Is there any other option than than re-imaging the ad card?

The cause is a combination of new firmware with an older kernel.
The older kernel is the result of a failed kernel package upgrade.
If you can fix the broken kernel package upgrade such that you’re booting a newer kernel, then things should work. (This is not trivial and I do not have a set of instructions for doing it)

Re-imaging is the best option in order to have a trouble free service in the long run. I always do it when a new version is released. It takes less than half an hour in total.

Re-imaging can be hard if you have lot of other software installed on Pi. It can be very undesirable if the Pi is physically located at a remote location or hard to access location.