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Feed won't resume

I changed to a Pi2 and burned a new PiAware image for its Micro SD card. ADS-B detection and tracking is working fine, but I can’t get the feed to FlightAware to resume. I’ve logged in as usual, the IP is working since I can go to the tracking map from the MyADS-B screen, but it’s been some hours and still I’m not live on my KLGA Site 6413. I’ve tried rebooting but no change. I must be missing something. It had been working fine until the change.
Alan, ahr10023@gmail.com (ahr10023)

sudo piaware-status will tell if everything is running.
In /etc/init.d
are dump1090 and piaware executable ( ls -l /etc/init.d )?

Hi, Thanks for your reply. It turns out to be a little more of a mess than I thought. FlightAware has just detected the newly burned card and is receiving live feeds from it. But it’s assigned a new site number to it. The old site, 6413-KLGA, still appears on the My ADS-B page and map but has been inactive for several hours. The new site, 7686-KLGA now also appears on the screen and is an active feed. 7686-KLGA was placed in the wrong location, but I can fix that. What I’d like to do is either restore my old site, 6413-KLGA for this NYC location, or if that’s not possible, then at least eliminate it from the MyADS-B page and the map, since it’s inactive, and then correct my location for 7686-KLGA. I have another live site at a different location, 7035-KFOK, which is fine and I want to leave that as is.

The identifier for the old site, 6413-KLGA is b8:27:eb:93:d6:ce. The identifier for the new site, 7686-KLGA, is b8:27:eb:c4:23:7e. They both are on the same IP.

Thanks again,
Alan, ahr10023, ahr10023@gmail.com

The sites are defined by the MAC address of the Rpi. New pi = new MAC = new feed.
The old feed will drop off automatically after ~ 30 days of inactivity. I know patience is for Saints and Vultures. :smiley:

I finally get it! Thanks, if I had been thinking instead of figiting around with endless reboots of Pi and router I ought to have thought of that but probably wouldn’t have anyway. 30 days – I’ll do my best. Meanwhile, I’ll correct my location as much as possible, and finalize it when the unused site drops off.

Thanks again, very much.
Alan ahr10023