Very newbie question (feeding adsb-exchange)

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I signed up for a flightaware account almost 6 years ago and finally took the plunge to feed.
I would like to feed adsb-exchange as well, there is some military flights in the area which I would like to see/feed.
I installed the ADS-B Receiver Project using putty. After install I checked my stats page and it shows

my skyview is up and running but it seems the tracked flights are less than just running flightaware pi install.
Any help would be great.

quick update, the install created another site. That one is now updating flightaware.
I guess this is normal?

Sites are identified by the “unique identifier” shown on the stats page. That identifier is stored as part of the piaware install.
If you reimage the sdcard then that stored identifier is lost so a new site is created.

You can configure your new install to use the old identifier (i.e. feed the old site) from the command line by piaware-config feeder-id <unique identifier of the site to feed to> then restarting piaware.

thanks so much for your help. I will try that in the morning, or just so I know how to do it now.