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SD Card failed, new card is now a new site and white screen when accessing dump1090-fa


Hi all

My SD card seems to have dumped itself so I reinstalled with a brand new SD card and now I have a new site rather than using my existing, which had a lot of uptime so seems I’ve sadly lost all that past history.

But more of an issue is that I can’t see anything when I access the map, I just get a white screen, it all seems to be working otherwise but I just can’t see anything :frowning:

Any ideas? It was a fresh install using the latest guide on the main site.


Look here for how to keep your old feeder ID (instead of the newly assigned one):


The old page is still in the browser cache so the map isn’t being displayed properly, use the magic button combination:


If that doesn’t work please share which address you are using to access the map.
(On your stats page there should also be a link to your local map, try that)


Thanks, that has worked, I reinstalled PiAware again and got dump1090 working and got the site now linked in, hopefully I don’t lose my streak now!

Now time to install all the extras if I can remember what they all are (FR24 and the extra graphs etc) :slight_smile:


For FR24 install, you will need to use the same sharing key when asked by the install routine.