Rebooted from webpage - now not responding

Tried to access my PiAware feeder from my lan and couldn’t even though it was uploading data to FlightAware without any problems and was responding to ping. Sent a reboot command from my FlightAware web page and now it’s completely unresponsive. Power cycle didn’t help. Time to go retrieve it from the attic.

In case I need to make a new SD card install, how do I keep my existing station ID on FlightAware?

Edit: Got it from the attic and powered it up with a keyboard and monitor attached. During bootup I get the “PiAware 3.5.0 is starting” splash screen but then I get the prompt (initramfs) and that’s it. Anyone know what I need to do to get this running again?

Edit: Found the info I needed about starting up a new build and retain my history. Looks like the SD card went bad. Bringing up a new install now.

your diagnosis is correct and the cure too :grin:
had same about a month ago…when it gets stuck at ‘initramfs’ or ‘crng’
and e2fsck fails to correct the issue,
best to get a new SD. data still can be scavenged from the old one.