Simultaneous use of PP and piaware


Can I feed using PlanePlotter and piaware at the same time? If not, can I switch back and forth between the two?


If you run PiAware, you don’t need to feed through PlanePlotter. You can run PlanePlotter while connecting to PiAware, but you don’t need to feed with PlanePlotter.

Can you explain what you’re trying to do?


I have had PP installed for quite a while. I just recently started using PP to feed to FlightAware. While reading on the web site about feeding FlightAware I saw the info on using PiAware so I set that up. I got the message about being successful but all I see are the stats from PP. I saw what I believe to be my listing for PiAware in the new users listing but my user ID was blank. So I’m not sure if the PiAware feed is working properly.


Hi. I feel silly. Right after sending my last reply I went back to my stats and all is good. For some reason it seemed to take a lot longer for the PiAware setup to be associated with my account than it did with PP.
Thanks for the response.