Change from Planeplotter to PiAware feeder




It’s no problem to switch and no, you don’t have to notify anyone.

Did you claim your device?






Planeplotter (PP)has an option to share with FA. If you are going to run Piaware, you might want to turn off FA sharing in PP (option/sharing/setup/secondary sharing). I am running a pi w/piaware and a PP groundstation with secondary sharing off. Not sure what duplicate data from the same site on the same a/c does besides adding work for the server. JMHO


You are right – it doesn’t help and just adds server load!




If you want to feed PP form your rPi, you can run ppup1090; you do need to contact PP support to get your own copy of coaa.h.




Scott, are you familiar with Secure Shell SSH? You can enable it via raspi-config. Then load something like Putty or it’s ilk for remote connection.