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PlanePlotter Feeder

I have a feeder from my piAware kit that is visible on FlightAware, but my Plane Plotter application, which I believe is operating correctly, is not seen by FlightAware, even though I have OK’ed the sharing to FlightAware. What other configurations should I check to remedy this issue?

You need to register your sharer code with FlightAware

Welcome aboard.
Take a look at the info posted here: flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build

To rustytwig - my sharer code is " - - " and I haven’t been able to figure out how to get Plane Plotter to generate one.

To joelwiley - your link leads me to how to build/install a piAware feeder. I’ve already done this, it’s working fine and the info is being uploaded and visible to FlightAware - it’s getting my PlanePlotter feeder to upload to FlightAware that’s causing me grief.

The code appears only when you’ve uploaded a bit of data. You may want to check the sharing options in PP. I had a problem too and then I read through the FAQs and PP help to set the correct upload parameters.

Hi sam54,
You need to register your pi as a ground station via personal email to pp owner
info@coaa.co.uk as the normal “validate me” process is not the normal one for windows users.
You will need details of your coaa.h file in your pi

instructions here at lower part of page


I take it that you are trying to run dump1090 ppup1090 on your pi in tandom with piaware…

If not, and you are trying to use your windows computer talking to your rpi as a pp ground station , you will need to hit the stop button in pp, options/I/O settings, select rpi with dump1090. Then options, mode s reciever, set to rtl dongle with rpi,set address of rpi and port 30005.Then options , sharing , enable.
Hit start button. Then ensure 2 arrows in toolbar are showing.
Click help, about pp, if you are uploading data, your sharecode should be there now.

With rpi you have a choice, to use windows pc as GS or the Rpi.
Its up to you which way you want to share data but the latter can be run as unattended operation GS 24/7.
Hope this helps.

Sam54, I have a pi that feeds directly to FA as site 2394. I have a Win 8.1 box running PP as SMU sharer EQ which obtains its data from the pi (2394). The PP instance does not feed to FA because this would be duplicate the data from the pi. If you are feeding FA from the pi, do you want to also send the data to FA via PP? You can PM me to discuss the PP configuration if you want. If you want to feed PP directly from the pi, someone else just posted guides for that. cheers, joel