PiAware vs PlanePlotter

I’ve just set up PlanePlotter with an inexpensive USB dongle and a fairly nice antenna on the roof of my work but I was thinking about simplifying the setup with PiAware. Are there other clear benefits to PiAware versus PlanePlotter for providing ADS-B date to FlightAware?


PiAware means you only need to run a 3w raspberry pi.

Do FlightAware use the MLAT data from PlanePlotter - or is that data just restricted to the people in the pool of contributors (by PlanePlotter license)?

We don’t receive MLAT from PlanePlotter.

Just curious, do you see using Planeplotter MLAT data in the future? Would it be technically feasible? Might be tricky to synchronize on a precise common clock…

Would add a lot of MLAT data if you could. :slight_smile:

So I’ll take that as a solid “maybe”… :slight_smile:

I thought the PP conditions of use didn’t allow the PP MLAT data to be shared that way (I’m not a PP user and it’s a long time since I read them)

With Piaware the setup with a Raspberry Pi is more economical to run and you can close your computer down after you have finished monitoring flights. If you feed through Planeplotter to FA and want to provide data 24/7 the computer needs to be on all the time.