Do I need seperate Wifi hotspot for two different ADS-B receivers?

Currently I am uploading to data to FlightAware with Planeplotter on Windows.(Using NooElec ADS-B NESDR Mini2 receiver)

I am now building Piaware with ResberryPi 3 with different ADS-B receiver(Flightaware ProSstick Plus v1.0) on different Antenna.

Can I upload data to flightaware from both PlanePlotter and Piaware using same Wifi hotspot? I am not sure weather it will confuse IP address.

Do I need seperate Wifi hotspot for PlanePlotter and Piaware?

Thank you

No, not at all, unless I misunderstood the question.

I have two RPi3 ‘online’ currently. They each use a different ‘internal’ IP address. The router is set to DHCP.

Feeders are identified by feeder id, the internal and external ip do not matter.

Thank you so much for the reply

Of course you can use one hotspot, it’s the same as a house WiFi router, each connected device has a different internal IP.

But I hope you have unlimited data plan, because the usage can be very high, depending of the number of planes are in the area (your max range).
I have burned trough 1GB of data plan in 10 days, with just a small amount of planes and MLAT disabled. It’s an open thread here:

I have an unlimited internet plan, but noticed that the RPi3 was a bit sluggish. I disabled MLAT just as a test, and the response time improved substantially.

I think I’ll keep it disabled for now. MLAT should not be a major feature after 2020, when ADS-B becomes mandatory in most planes. right?

The feeder id is for Flightaware identification purposes only, is it not? A different, internal IP address, is still required for network communications. The Flightaware page for a particular feeder id shows the internal IP address, if all is woking properly. If not, one has to retrieve the IP address from either the RPi itself, or the router.

As already stated, the second or third RPi3 are just another device on the home network being served an IP address by the DHCP server. The only way I can see a problem, aside from inconrrect Wi-Fi configuration, is if the pool of available IP addresses the DHCP server can dispense was purposely limited.

Thank you, My data usage is abit over 1.5G for a month for one ADS-B receiver so far. If I operate 2 ADS-B receivers probably it will over 3G a month.

Thank you again for the info and reply

Thanks for the information.