FlightAware and PlanePlotter MU or GS on Raspberry

I am feeding FA servers with raspberry and I want to be also a feeder for PP. Does anybody know if there is possible to be MU or GS only when submitting data from raspberry to PP? I am able to run ppup1090 (tested), but I dont want to run PC with PP whole day.


Without a full porting PP RPi to run MLAT will not work now because it is using the exchange protocol UDP on 9742 port between instances of PP through their sharing network. Analogues for the calculation of the location of the MLAT for RPi yet been found.

But you can be MU without feeding data, so you can receive MLATs from PP network. What I want to setup: In my network will be raspberry feeding both sites (FlightAware and PlanePlotter) running 24/7. On another PC I want to ocassionally run PlanePlotter and see MLATted positions. I understand that on that PC I need to setup portforwarding, but I want to replace uploading my data from the PC with raspberry.

You need to decide what computer you want to perform the MLAT algorithm - PC or RPi. With PC all clear is PlanePlotter. If RPi is still impossible now. From RPi the port forwarding and stream mixing is conveniently carried ModesMixer2
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You might want to try the planeplotter forum since this question is very specific to planeplotter.

If you’re running piaware on your Pi then Flightaware’s mlat will work there without needing a PC or other software involved.

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Legal and technical question. Can I use Piaware MLAT for relay to another network or just for personal use? And if possible - on what port and what form will the data?

I believe Flightaware is OK with you doing what you want with the results (that’s the quid pro quo for feeding the data for FA’s use). You should check with the other network whether they’re happy to accept the results, though.

And if possible - on what port and what form will the data?

By default fa-mlat-client will establish a connection to localhost:30004 and provide position/velocity as ADS-B DF17 messages in Beast format.
You can reconfigure this via “piaware-config -mlatResultsFormat ”. It knows how to generate Beast or Basestation output, either connecting or listening.
There are some docs here: github.com/flightaware/piaware# … ig-program

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sudo piaware-config -mlatResultsFormat “beast,connect,localhost:30004 basestation,listen,31003”
Try to listen 31003 port. Unfortunately around my QTH there are no other feeders to check FA mlat. Also hope that the FA will not take offense at the use of data flow :blush: With respect and gratitude!