In-house aggregating

Is it possible to point the raw signals to a central pc while also having it upload to flightaware?

I’m looking to have a few PiAware’s here at the airport point back to a central PC running PlanePlotter. To make a long story short, PlanePlotter supports the ability to create and log alerts when certain criteria are met; a feature which I haven’t seen/used with FlightAware. If there’s a FlightAware version of this (that would be immune to the tail number blocking), I’d love to learn about it.



Sure, connect to the raw feed available on port 30005 of each piaware. (Or 30003, or 30002, depending on what format you want). You can combine those with software of your choice: dump1090, VRS, modesmixer will all do it. Not sure offhand if Planeplotter will handle multiple feeds itself or if you need something in front of it to do that.

Note that for mlat to work correctly, each piaware needs to talk to a single receiver only, so don’t try feeding a combined feed to a single piaware; stick to one piaware per receiver.

Piaware doesn’t combine the mlat results into the main feeds as it is too easy for them to accidentally end up going to places that aren’t expecting them. If you also want to aggregate mlat results you will need to play with piaware-config -mlatResultsFormat to set up a separate feed for those.

Aggregation is basically what this guy wanted:

That’s basically what this guy wanted


See post at: Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:22 pm

My response tells how to get both ADSB and MLAT combined for each Pi (I don’t know what is output on the ports suggested by “obj” so I created my own port to collect the MLAT data as Beast data).

Do that for each Pi and add an “–outServer sbs30006:30006” on the end of the modeSmixer2 command line.

modesmixer2 --inConnect <Pi1 IP>:31003 --inConnect <Pi1 IP>:30005 --inConnect <Pi2 IP>:31003 --inConnect <Pi2 IP>:30005 --outServer sbs30006:30006

Then in PP you can connect using the SBS-3 direct IP address setting: :30006

If you need more details, just ask

If you haven’t heard of it, modesmixer2 is here:

Thank you both! Working as desired!