MLAT from PiAware not plotting on Planeplotter


Hi, I’ve just setup PiAware with an RTL dongle and everthing is plotting on Skyview including Mlat aircraft.

However, the Mlat aircraft are not plotting on planeplotter.

My PP settings are:

I/o settings Mode-S/ADS-B —> RTL > RPi+Dump1090
Mode S Receiver RTL Dongle RPi Dump —>

Are the settings incorrect.



you may wish the review the flightaware Mlat conditions of use


I’m only looking at plotting the Mlat’s on planeplotter on my LAN.


take a look at this diagram:

It indicates you need to get the mlat positions separately connecting to either 30105 or 30106.

I’m not familiar with VRS but i believe you need to set up a separate source / input with one of those ports.


Ah - not relevant then.
Try port 30106


Ok, tried the following ports:

30005 —> plots all except Mlat
30105 —> plots Mlat only
30106 —> plots nothing

Is it possible to merge the two ports ?


It appears that ModeSMixer2 is the solution.

With PiAware installed is it possible to install ModeSMixer2 on the RP or does it have to be installed on a PC.


With VRS? It should be, iirc you can merge the feeds of two feeders, so you probably can make a adsb feed, a mlat feed and then a combined feed of the two?!



How-to Get VRS-Like Coverage Map on RPi




in addition to code by @abcd567

For RPi 2/3
COPY-PASTE following text to blank file

/home/pi/mm2/modesmixer2 \
 --inConnectId \
 --inConnectId \
 --web 8787 \
 --location xx.xxxx:yy.yyyy \

you need a line like this --outServer beast :40005 \

and a change in your PP line Mode S Receiver RTL Dongle RPi Dump —>

this outServer works similar to VRS Rebroadcast server



Deviating a bit from the original subject - can you feed flightaware from the RP with dump1090 without having to install PiAware?


not sure, I think I saw something in this forum, maybe by user @abcd567, about using original dump1090 by Malcolm Robb.


Thanks, I’ll have a search on it.

Does VNC work with PiAware ?


sorry, I do not know.


I may be mistaken, some will say I always am :sweat_smile:, but VNC is useful as a remote desktop, which implies a GUI. There is no GUI in Piaware by default, but it can be installed.

I do use VNC, with the full version of Raspbian. With Piaware, I use Putty.


With VRS? Sure. Create a Merged feed using the VRS ‘receivers’ you have now, typically your RTL-SDR dongle and MLAT (if enabled), but you may have more than two VRS ‘receivers’ set up.


I don’t think so. Whether Piaware was part of the SD image, or installed later manually, I believe it has to be present if you want to feed FA.


Thanks, I’ll try Putty.

Going through the instructions, when I get to step 8 and enter ./ & disown I get:

./modesmixer2: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file. No such file or directory


you may need to install openssl and/or libssl-dev and reboot.
sudo apt-get install -y libssl-dev

I think though that you want modesmixer to feed your planeplotter in which case
it is easier to run modesmixer in your PC.
you need the runtime executables msvcr / msvcp you can download from Microsoft.
then in the modesmixer folder add / edit a file mm2.bat.
add the following lines and run it.

echo "modesmixer v 9/2017 - web 9779"
@echo off
cmd /c mm2.exe ^
--web 9779 ^
--location your LAT:your LON ^
--inConnect your RPi IP:30005 ^
--inConnect your RPi IP:30105 ^
--outServer beast:40005


now change the PP line for the receiver

note: you must download the windows version from

note: you can rename modesmixer2.exe to mm2.exe. if not then the above cmd line
must change to cmd /c modesmixer.exe ^

note: on your browser enter to view the modesmixer output.

note: in RPi SSH must be enabled via raspi-config or via an empty file named ssh.


openssl was already installed and installing libssl-dev doesn’t change anything.

I’ve installed putty on the RP and PC. I created an empty ssh file on the RP root directory. When I “ssh pi@piaware” is says connection refused ?