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How to plot MLAT aircraft on the Vitual Radar Server?

I am trying to plot the MLAT aircraft on the VRS, but I believe I am not putting the correct port, I connect through my laptop connecting to the raspberry pi.
Normal ADS-B signals, “1090 mode s” only appear but do not plot.

You need to open a second port on VRS pointing do the port which delivers MLAT.

If i am not totally wrong, the port is 31005, but it depends on how dump1090-fa is configured on your device.

There is a thread where i asked this previously:

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Format: AVR or Best Raw Feed?

or change to Base Station?

At ports 30105, 30005 and 30003 connect, but the plot does not enter, at port 30157 it does not connect.

ADSB port is working with 30002!

MLAT Appears in the list but not in the plot, how can I see which port of my Dump1090 on the raspberry? Do you have any idea?

30005 and 30003 should deliver the same result. So it does not make sense to have both.

As far as i know it’s the Basestation format. What are you trying to achieve on 30157?

Check your dump1090 config, you should see the port configuration there

I typed wrong 30157 sorry

port 31005 also failed

I will try but I am grateful for the information

thank you very much

Step 14 here should help: https://willemm.nl/track-aircraft-using-ads-b-groundstation-virtual-radar-server-vrs/

Once set up, the merged feed is what you will want to view on the VRS map.

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I got it !!!

I placed the 30005 port on my ADS-B receiver
On the port of my MLAT receiver I put 30106

It worked

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your information was very good

thank you very much

Glad you fixed it (20 char)

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