dump1090 with fa-mlat-client help


I’m somewhat new to this so this may seem like a simple question, my current setup is that I’m running dump1090-mutability, and then have fr24feed, Piaware with fa-mlat-client, and a sperate mlat-client that feeds to ADSBexchange. Both fa-mlat-client and the other mlat-client are receiving mlat data back for me to use locally. I’m viewing this all using a Virtual Radar Server instance.

My question is, in my current setup I have virtual radar server listening to dump1090 on port 30003, and I have the mlat-clients broadcasting on ports 30106/30107 respectively in ext_basestation format, and then VRS listens to these ports, I don’t have the MLAT clients feeding into dump1090 on port 30104 because I from what I was seeing, this didn’t actually do anything? Am I missing something, does feeding mlat-client data back to dump1090 do something?

Additionally, I’ve noticed I sometimes don’t see positions for flights in VRS that do have MLAT positions on FA & ADSBExchange, is this because I’m not feeding into dump1090 or is there another reason?


You only need to feed data back to 30104 if you want to view mlat results on the dump1090 web map.

You are going to get lousy results if you try to combine mlat results from two different sources. Pick one or the other.

This is how to segregate FA mlat & Adsbexchange mlat: