Dumping 978 data into dump1090 - port 30001..? Is this OK?

OK, so I have setup a dump978 receiver on another dongle (on another pi for now, I will be combining them), and am dumping the data into the dump1090 running on my piAware like this:

rtl_sdr -f 978000000 -s 2083334 -g 48 - | ./dump978 | ./uat2esnt | nc -q1 30001

( is my original, “production” piaware).

Is this going to screw anything up as far as the data that gets fed to FlightAware? Is it going to wreak havoc with MLAT, since I believe this implementation of MLAT uses ADS-B timestamps as reference points? I dp see a heck of a lot more planes on my dump1090 local webpage now.

Is this the preferred method to feed Flightaware 978Mhz data?


That is what I do when my UAT feeder is running. It should not have any impact on MLAT. My understanding is that MLAT only works on the messages that are missing coordinates. Since the UAT data has coordinates, it is not fed into MLAT.


Thanks. I was also hoping to get some feedback from the FlightAware folks…

It’s unlikely to break anything outright, since the synthetic messages don’t have useful timestamps, but it may make your mlat client complain about out-of-sequence timestamps.

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