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PlanePlotter feed vs PiAware when using same data source

Some background: I have one install of dump1090 running on a PC on the south side of my apartment, and a second on a second PC on the west side of my apartment. Both feed data to ModesMixer2, which then rebroadcasts on several ports in different formats for VRS, BaseStation, PlanePlotter, ADSBScope, PiAware and Globe-S.

PlanePlotter and PiAware are both connected to the same ModeSMixer2 port, which is feeding data in beast mode. I used PlanePlotter to feed FlightAware for the best part of a year (if not longer) but wanted to switch to PiAware to free up the PC I have PP running on.

When I check my ADS-B stats here on FlightAware, PlanePlotter and PiAware are reporting different numbers, despite using the same data stream. Which is more accurate? Which is true?


Both are probably accurate. You’re just measuring different things: PlanePlotter and Piaware have different decoding processing and reporting intervals.

For example, Piaware reports positions less frequently if the aircraft is >10000ft, or if its track/altitude has not changed much recently.
Does PlanePlotter do the same? (There is no source to inspect, so I have no idea - you’d have to ask COAA)