why does planeplotter feed more positions than piaware

in another thread obj told me that planeplotter sends more positions than a raspi with piaware - and he was right.

just out of curiosity i did a short one to one test.
→ created a new fa-site 13940
→ redirected my piaware output from 13195 to planeplotter
→ and then used the planeplotter output to feed site 13940

funny thing - now the planeplotter site shows about 30% positions more than the piaware - both based on the same data.
does anybody know the reason?


PiAware filters the data so that only the good usable data is sent on to FA, the PP sends all data and positions even if they are not of the quality needed for FA. So those extra positions/reports PP sends are not necessarily helping FA with any usable data.

that’s interesting - and do you know what kind this senseless data is and how they determine what makes sense and what does not …